Holistic Alternative Health Care Treatments Customized for Health Prevention and Well-Being

There is an ancient Chinese Proverb that says; “Treating illness after it occurs is like digging a well after you are thirsty”. We have all heard that the best offense is a good defense, in these times of extreme stress and health care concerns this was never truer then now. It is important to safeguard your health. It is probably the best health insurance you can have.

Ashi Therapy offers a wide range of holistic therapies and can guide you on the path of health and well being. Please call to schedule your personal consultation evaluation and begin your quest for health and rejuvenation!




Cancer Support Therapy

Over twenty years of clinical experience has enabled us to create a natural holistic approach to cancer therapy treatments. The therapies included are a combination of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Medical Qigong, and Clinical Aromatherapy. Herbal Formulas, Essential Oils, Bach Flower Remedies, and Nutritional Counseling. The protocol can be designed to compliment existing therapies or used exclusively for a holistic approach.

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Balance

Diabetes is fast becoming a tragic health issue for people of all ages. In our fast paced society of high-speed everything, including our diets, our natural rhythm and balance has been disrupted. Learn how to restore your health through proper diet, nutrition and lifestyle. We can help you restore that balance through select therapies and educating you to live and eat healthy.

Quit Smoking & Substance Abuse

Auricular Acupuncture is ear acupuncture. It is a micro acupuncture system similar to foot reflexology. There are hundreds of ear points which can treat a multiple of symptoms and conditions. Many of these points are indicated for use for person’s wanting to quit smoking or other substances.

The treatment is administered while the person is seated in a chair. Very fine sterile acu-pins are used, making for a safe and comfortable treatment. The number of treatments a person would need vary with each individual.  The cost of the treatments is very affordable per session and takes about thirty minutes.  There are also herbal formulas and botanical essential oil blends available to assist the person during the process.

Ashi Therapy can also customize an individual treatment protocol for pain syndromes, immune system enhancement, hormonal balancing and weight loss, as well as any other health issue you would like to address.

Group Auricular Acupuncture Services

We also offer a very unique service for large groups, businesses and employee health days. Group Auricular Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture). Auricular Acupuncture is beneficial for treating anxiety, stress, pain syndromes, and much more.

Auricular Acupuncture can treat any condition. It is safe, painless and effective. Treatment is administered with client fully clothed seated in a chair. Very fine sterile acu-pins are used, making for a safe and comfortable treatment. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. Ashi Therapy reserves the right to change any typographical error or misprinted information.

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